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Brill panto, easily best in town - thanks to all staff making xmas eve so enjoyable - same time next year X
Jillian Marshall
what a fab panto, whole family loved it. grand daughter wanted to come back again. well done
may montgomery
What a show the tears were rolling down my face with laughter. Johnny Mac and Steven Purdon make a great comedy act,the entire cast were fantastic roll on the next one
Liz Mcgleish
Got to say. Absolute fantastic show. Laughed from start to finish. Every one was superb. Good old Glasgow banter. Best one so far xx
Best Panto that I have seen in Pavilion. Have been going for many many years & this one will take some beating. Thanks for such a fantastic night
Jean Griffin
Really enjoyed panto This year Johnny Mac as excellent as usual , also enjoyed seeing Nicola park as the fairy kev and Nanny fab thought Marvin was a great addition Tyler Collins great actor also his sidekick hank played by Leah from river city her facial expressions were spot on if I was to critic one thing I missed Michelle McManus none of the female cast came up to her singing standard other than that good show
Janice Black
Loved it.
Gillian Kelly
Johnny mac is fab!
Angela Stewart
Great panto!
Alison Geggan
Elfie the Selfie
Laura Cassidy
Karen McGowan
Loved it we come every year
Pauline Taylor
It was amazing want to go back and see it laughed all the way through it xx
Donna May Calgie
Elfie and the twelve days of Christmas
Janet Smith
Johnny mac was brill loved the 12 things of xmas 5 lavy rolls lol brill
Gary Laughlin
Johnny mac as per ! Steals the show every year x
Heather McLean
Love all panto very funny .cast .got everyone to take part .
Mary Devlin
Here right now and we're enjoying ourselves! Fantastic as always. Elfie is our favourite Kx
Kathryn Lynch Jess
Fav part when the 3 of them were trying to get in the bed fav was elfie
Sandra Hamilton
Defo Elfie selfie. Johnny Mac toatally makes it that's 9 years we v been coming looking forward to seeing what's going to be on this Christmas x
Natalie Martin
The 12 days of Xmas ...... 5 lavvy rolls and a bra that was made to fit 3 haha too funny.
Karen Hudson
Elfie is the best deffo love johhny mac every year !!
Margaret Coutts
12 days of Christmas let's have this every year x
Catherine Breton
Me and my daughter Diana loved it xx
Brenda Ferry
12 days of Christmas was hilarious xx
Sandra Kidd Hamilton
The fairy and 12 days of Xmas x
Yvonne Macdougall
Jonny mac and shell suit bob were the ones that saved that show the fairy done ma nut right in
Donna-marie Millar
Loved it wee Elfie the selfie is amazing xx
Tracy Monaghan
Fab panto.everyone in it was amazing x
Mary Odonnell
Johnny Mac rules!!! The 12 days of Xmas was hilarious I think I might have peed the seat I was laughing so much X
Audrey Cameron
We loved Elfie the Selfie!!!! Some fabulous ad lib moments and the 12 things of Christmas was fab!!!
Fiona Ogungbaro
Elfie the selfie and Kev and the 12 days of Christmasx
Michelle Mcmonigle
Elfie the selfie and when they do the 12 days of Christmas
Emma Gerrard
Looooved it was at the opening show.. Cming back on the 17th for the last show of the season. Can't wait.
Ashleigh Morris
Fantastic pantomime, can't wait till next year x
Donna Lynch
My wee guy loved it that much were coming back next week. Elvis has left the building
Carolanne McLaughlin
Loved the 12 days of christmas and my fav was elfie the selfie xx
Donna May Calgie
Santa's a Scotsman song and 12 days Xmas we're hilarious
Caroline Dickson
Pavilion every year loved 12 days of Christmas
Lorraine Curran
Job well done, our six year old son loved it Thank you Every bit of the show was magic
Andrew Masterson
Loved it. Looking forward to seeing next years. The Cast are all brilliant.
Julie Hastings
Was fantastic, 12 days of Xmas was hilarious! Oh and liked Elfie the selfie
Lynn Colquhoun
Fantastic panto took my kids aged 15, 5 and 2 they loved it as did me and my hubby
Heather Bridgewater
My wee grandsons had their first taste of panto and loved it!! Elfie the Selfie was a fave!
Gill Critchley
Loved it all from start to finish. My kids loved it too. Roll on the next panto xx
Sharon Sib
We had a fab time - all the cast were great!
Leanne Campbell
Coming next week, looking forward to it .xx
Sheena Ward
Whole show was fantastic my favourite was Elfie the selfie and Santa paws aka Dean Park he never fails to entertain xx
Jean Gallagher
The best pantomime ever, whole family loved everything about it, my 2 year old grandson was completely engrossed
Margaret Campbell
Elfie the selfie as always Johnny Mac is just the best!! We even have a teddy elf who was named after him!
Lindsey Meechan
It was great. Kids and loved it and they were fab with people. And prices are great when u get buy one get one free xxx
Lyndsay Mcguire
Great panto. Elfie the Selfie was best character. Ax
Arlene Cannon
Great panto though missed Michelle McManus. Favourite for my grandkids was elfie selfie and his winning line as always I am enjoying myself
Carolyn Kimmins
Booked tickets to come on the last day. Been the last 3 years and we love it See you soon!
Christine Pieroni
The 12 days of Xmas was our fave
Angie Callaghan
Elfie! !! When he soaked me with the water gun when I was in one of the boxes and I stood up and just let him continue lol.... my kids thought it was hilarious x
Lynnette Maxwell Erridge
The twelve days of Christmas was fantastic but the whole pantomime was really great x
Sandra Coyle
My best bit was when Johnny mac (elfie) couldn't get his bum up on to the bed and kept sliding down again. Stephen popped his head up from the middle of the bed and said Johnny ges ur hand. Audience was killing them self laughing. Johnny shouts I'm not Johnny I'm elfie and ur not in this scene. Oh what a laugh it was.
Christine Forbes
Great panto this year. Elfie was the best, the panto wouldn't be the same without him. My son who is 7 loves the he says and has been saying "I'm enjoying myself" for years. 12 days of Christmas was soooo funny.
Caroline Wigton
It was a fantastic panto I loved all the cast x
Catherine McCann
Best panto in town loved all of it especially 12 days of Christmas eh Lorna Mclean xx
Samantha Jane Mcgibbon
12 days of Christmas. ...favourite bit. Fantastic panto. X
Evelyn Cairney
Fab panto! Fairy belle was our favourite and loved the 12 days of christmas!
Caragh Millar
12 days of Christmas and my daughter Millie loved the fact Steven Purdon wished her a happy 7th birthday when he was on stage xxx
Sharon Stephenson
'A bra made tae fit 3'! My boy's thought it was hilarious.....They have now added it into their version of 12 days of xmas!
Nicola Leishman
My son loved "elfie selfie" and the 12 days of christmas song is still being sung very loudly!!! Lol xx
Karen Robbins
My whole family came on Hogmanay but me and my son missed out as he was taken into Yorkhill! We started coming in 2009! Gutted we missed this panto! X
Gillian Hanna
We loved it all very funny my favourite was Elvis the elf and Dean park is just legend . We had front row seats so didn't miss anything
Jill Pollock
Loved the whole show and everyone was fantastic, loved 12 days of Christmas and the kids love elfie he is so funny they all have so much energy great entertainment
Violet Swan
Panto was brill realy funny,I loved everybody in it elfie was brill,12 days of Xmas was brill.would defo recommend it
Susan Benson
Loved it will be back Johnny Mac was fab as elfie! 12 days of xmas was pure class. Can't wait till xmas again xx
Cheryl Dickson
Gillian Boyd Loved it. 12 days of Christmas. Favourite was Elfie the Selfie, but thought Santa done well this year.
Gillian Boyd
Absolutely loved the panto this year. Took my Sons, one for the 1st time, and they loved it. Defo favourite character has to be Elfie the Selfie! Looking forward to what you have in store for us next year!!!!!
Spiero H Joycey
Excellent panto! We laughed so hard and elfie the selfie was brilliant! 12 days of Christmas so so funny
Karen Guild
Elfie & 12 days of Christmas. Go to the other pantos but Pavilion is always by far the best. My girls just love Johnny Mac.x
Christine Morgan Marley
I'm agreeing with everyone else about the 12 days of Christmas. Very physical for the cast, but so very, very funny. My favourite bit was sliding out the bed. I'm laughing now, thinking about it. I'm already looking forward to next year.
Lorna Hamilton
They where all fab but the twelve days of xmas song was a laugh out loud brill and well done to all x
Ashley Neil
Do you know what! I am never disappointed with a Pavillion panto i have been going every year since I was a wee lassy. This year your panto santa claus is coming to town was without a doubt the best so far it's so good I went twice! The ENTIRE cast were brilliant I can't choose because I loved them all xxxxxxxx and I loved the 12 days of Christmas song such a laugh iv recommended all my family and friends to go and see this wonderful panto
Pamela Smith
coming bak nxt week no way can i never see this again!! elfie the selfie was brill my fave bit was the bed scene haha the night we where there steven called elfie johny was hilarious haha
Diane Stoney
Brilliant panto best one I have seen this year. The 12 days of Christmas was brill. Kids loved elfie the selfie
Suzanne Allan
Was there with cummertress youth club loved it Johny Mac is brilliant and the 12 days of Xmas was brilliant
Linda Bell
Brilliant as always. The 12 days of Christmas was one of the best bits my wee boy kept running out to get the lavvy roll and stephen purdon was great with him. Hes only 4 and it was magical for him still talking about it and we seen it weeks ago xx
Gillian Deighan
My kids have been to 3 pantos in Glasgow this year and both said the pavilion was the best! My daughters favourite Character Elfie and her favourite part was twelve days of Christmas!
Gail Black
Me and my kids loved it out fave was elfie the selfie for about 2 weeks after all my two would shout was selfieeeee great panto got us ryt in the mood for xmas xxx
Carolanne Shannon
We had an amazing night. Always love Johnny Mac but the whole cast were great as every year, they put on a great show! Nicola park was great as the fairy this year
Theresa Fitzpatrick
It was brilliant, they were all good, the 12 days of Xmas was hilarious, especially when the fairy fell ( sorry Nicola ) it was my granddaughter's first time at the Panto and she absolutely loved it xX
Corrinne Clifford
The show was brilliant, lots of laugh as always and as usual our favourite was Johnny Mac. Stephen Purdon is good too! smile emoticon
Rebecca Harvey
We loved the show. Elfie the Selfie was hilarious! My boys still do his actions and we seen it last month. The 12 days of Christmas song and Santa is from Glasgow were crackers. All the cast were brilliant. Didn't want it to end!
Tracy Jones
As always best panto in town . Loved it from beginning to end And as Elvis Left The Building I enjoyed myself lol kids still talking about 12 day as for the fairy were can I start lol AMAZING well done to everyone
Cat Mcghee
Everyone was fab. My son who is 9 been telling the Joke about the shih tzu still laughs every time he tells someone else. The bit where they were all trying to get in to the bed brilliant. 12 days of xmas fantastic. I could go on and on so many different bits that had us all in fits of laughter. Well done to all will be back at end of the year for the next pantomime.x
Sharon McDowall
My grandson loved elifie the 12 days of xmas was fab the bed seen was great fab panto and best cast every fairy was hilarious too well done the pavilion xx
Heather Richmond
Came to see it on Tuesday night with my daughter and all the cast where amazing, we loved the 12 days of Christmas tho. Well done to everyone at the pavilion in Glasgow as it was defo a job well done. See you all 2016.
Gillian Dunlop
Amazing panto guys. My three year old is still talking about it Elfie the selfie was our favourite. We loved it all and can't wait for this year. Best part the 12 days of Christmas we were laughing so much and still singing it all the way home xxx
Shona Shbforever
The 12 days of Christmas and both ElfieTheSelfie & the fairy were great!! Although they were all great. The Pavilion pantomimes never fail to disappoint year after year. Keep up the good work!!!
Josephine Hunter
Loved it and 12 days of Christmas won it for me!!! Nicola Ann Park was fantastic an absolute star as was Johnny Mac. They stole the show xx
Claire O'Malley
Was there just before Christmas and coming again tomorrow (Friday ). The show was so good from start to finish it would be to hard pick out any one bit. But my grandchildren got photos taken outside at the end of the show with Johnny Mac and this made their night . Brilliant from start to finish. We never go anywhere else for a Christmas panto.
Janet Manderson
Yes we enjoyed the show, as always. Favourite bit when Elfie, Johnny Mac, couldn't get up on the bed and Kev, Stephen Purdon, popped up to help him and called him John and when the cast fluffed lines and laughed at each other soo funny and the 12 days of christmas was great fun, so many bits through out were funny. Favourite character Elfie- Johnny Mac always, he is so funny, Fairy Bells- Nicola Park was funny also. Well done to everyone of the performers.
Susan Barbour
Excellent panto with a great cast. Loved Elfie, Nanny Nae Nonsense & Kev. 12 days of Christmas was excellent as was the scene with the "steep" bed! Already looking forward to next Panto smile emoticon
Elaine Park
Absolutely fantastic. Laughed the whole way through. Loved Elfie the Selfie especially. Johnny Mac is superb. Great to see some new faces too. Nicola Park was brilliant. Can't wait until 2016/17 panto. Keep up the good work everyone.
Vicky Hutchison
Lived the panto this year again. 4th year of coming to the Pavilion and enjoyed every one of them. Elie the selfie and Kev were my favourites but all the cast were brill. Thanks again and see you next year again. Xxx
Helen MacDonald
Panto was fantastic, loved every minute of it especially the 12 days of Christmas .. will definitely be back next year
Lori Murray
Loved the panto, my 5y and3 yr olds favourite was Elfie and he loved helping to get the lavvy rolls in 12 days. Been to a few venues but always back to the pavilion, can't beat it. Roll On 2016
Linsay Nash
Enjoyed the show 12 days of Christmas was good and Ellie the selfie was a great character although Johnny Mac always steals the show...great to see Dean Park back. Always the pavilion for us took my two grandsons age 12 & 18 months for the first time and my granddaughter 5 who dressed as an elf.....went on New Year's Eve as usual
Eleanor McLaughlan
Best bits where when the guys fluffed their lines, they kept it going but full of humour and banter at the same time. Love the pavilion panto and will defo be back next year
Lyndsay McPherson
Brilliant panto elfie the selfie was brilliant and the 12 days of Christmas especially 5 LAVVY rolls lol we will be returning for 2016 panto
Elaine Fraser
Fantastic Panto this year, favourite part of the show was 12 days of Christmas & my fav characters were Elfie the Selfie & Fairy Bells . Looking forward to this year's
Tia Carr
Best Panto, we never go anywhere else at Christmas. Elfie the selfie was brilliant, the 12 days of Christmas was brilliant as was the part were they couldn't get in the bed! The whole cast at the pavilion are always fab. Xx
Angela Junnor
We came to the Christmas Eve matinee as always!! There were 15 of us covering 4 generations of my family there ranging from great granny to toddler and we have been coming for the past 32 years!! The show was fab from start to finish and each and every person loved it!! Nobody does panto as well as the pavilion!! Wouldn't go anywhere else!! See you all again next year ☃ PS my daughter would Love a dancing part
Charlene Dougall
Brilliant panto enjoyed by all xx
Caroline Anderson
Elfie was Deffo the best what a guy then wee river city guy superb xx
Liza Easdale
Elfie the selfie was fab. My son said panto was fantastic. Best bit - 12 days of Christmas and the lavy rolls
Nicola Ferns
Absolutely loved the show smile emoticon every bit of it was my fav and love all the cast! Xx
Nicola McFarlane
Elfie the selfie definitely my fave and 5 laaaavvvyyy rolls lol
Christine Kennedy
coming to see it on Sunday with my work.. smile emoticon super excited
Elaine Clydesdale
Deffo Elfie and when the fairy fell oops
Yvonne Corrigan
Elfie the selfie & the 12 days of Christmas was the best bit
Elaine McDougall Lees
Pavilion every year. Love the cast all great fun. hope to see you all next year x
Anne Wark
Elfie xxx Coming to see it again next Sat xx
Joann Booth
The whole thing was amazing but the 12 days of Christmas was hilarious, roll on next year xx
Nicola Jauncey
Elfie definately. My son just repeated "I'm enjoying myself" for days as he does every year after your panto's xx
Margaret Clempson
Loved panto this year. I always do never dissapointed. Elfie selfie was my fav. Keep up good work guys x
Tracy Foyer
Elfie was a favourite of mine and I loved the 12 days of Christmas song.
Catherine Sinclair
We laughed so much, best panto in town by far.
Irene McConnochie
Brill panto loved jingle bells, 12 days Christmas
Louise Collins
Really enjoyed it all my family did & our best bit was the twelve days of Christmas & when they announced my son Jacks 10th Birthday his wee face just lit up, we came on Sunday the 20th of December for his birthday treat.xx
Kelly Mc Farlane
Was all fab but if i had to chose it would be 12 days of christmas brilliant
Jacqueline Anne Mallon
It was Defo 12 days of Christmas and Steven purden is the star of the show x
Debbie Mcewan
Saw it twice. Once with my friend and her grandson and the second time with eight of my grandchildren. "We enjoyed ourselves" as much as the children. We are both in our 70s and have attended your pantos for the last few years. Roll on Christmas 2016!
Margaret Cleave
Brilliant Panto also seen Peter Pan and thought yours was so much funnier. Absolutely love Johnny Mac and Stephen Purdon
Lyn Morrison McSheaffrey
Best panto in town would never go anywhere else now was twice this year and both nights were fab again so much better than the rest
Karen Mack
i was there on Tuesday night kids loved it there favourite bit was the twelve days of Christmas mine was elfie not getting onto the bed lol
Lynn Munn
Elfie the Selfie was a favourite of mine and my two children especially my daughter ...the best bit was the 12 days of christmas song...we were singing it for days after x
Pamela Louise Blair
Fantastic panto! Loved the bed scene with everyone falling out it! My sister Jaclyn Craig had tears tripping her can't wait to see what this years panto brings
Kimberley Craig
Amazing panto this year. My grandaughter is still talking about it and we went xmas eve. Defo elfie the selfie lol and the fairy but all where brill
Caroline Logan
I will be back next week for the third time it's been great as every year is my fav johhny Mac and when the 3 of them done the 12 days of Christmas
Tracey Thorburn
Margaret Kelly
Can't wait going on Saturday
Tina Ollive
Woo hoo ct wait 2 go tonight
Steph Ramage
Cant wait going 2 morrow x
Mary Ramage
Best panto I've been to in 40yr!
Douglas McIntosh
Just bought tickets for next Friday Wee bargain kids are gonna be so excited
Johanne Mcdowall
I was there on the 31st of december it was an amazing panto x
Mikey McKerrow
Jess Had a fantastic night tonight, best panto in Glasgow! Looking forward to the next one Kx
Kathryn Lynch
We were there on 28th November, absolutely loved it and kids are still singing 12 days of Christmas song. Can't wait for this years panto.
Claire Louise Donaldson
It was a great Panto. Havent laughed so much in a long time. Well done to all the cast for putting on a great panto.
Jo Griffin
That's what a panto should be about Santa Claus was a great panto cast where brilliant kids & adults loved all the Christmas songs best one I've been to and I've seen a lot. Thanks for a great night.
Jean Broadley
I went to see it with school called Cardinal winning high school. And it was good.
Amber Montgomery
I agree the Panto was the best my family had seen in a long time, Gary Lamont was a fantastic Dame. Great Entertainment
Pure dead brilliant. Came up to visit family before Xmas and my sister managed to get an extra ticket to let me go along with them. Best panto I've seen in a long time! Elfie was truly exceptional. Staff very friendly, helpful and cheerful and the cast excellent. First visit to the Pavilion in many a year, brought back lovely memories. There's nae panto like a Glesga panto!!
This was a brilliant panto ,great cast,fabulous scenery ,songs ,and a feel good factor.We loved Gary as the dame all the cast had us laughing .we I'll be back for more .
Rona Godfrey
Went to the panto tonight loved Gary Lamont as he genuinely looked as if he was having a ball. All the cast were on top form. Long live the glesca panto. X
Had a brilliant time went today cast were brilliant especially Johnny Mac he played the elf
Catherine Faichnie
Had a great time at this panto,was really entertaining ,and funny ,and the banter was great ,from start to finish ,had a fab cast 'my three kids loved every minute of it ,would defo recommend folk go see it , you won't be disappointed
Angela Feenan a
Christmas Eve would not be the same without the Panto, Fantastic again this year, my six year old grandson Connor was laughing out loud so funny. Brilliant performances from Gary LA LA, Stephan Purdon, Johnny Mac (Enjoying himself) Dean Park, great to see him back, the very funny Nicola Park, Leah, Tyler and Michelle all worked very hard to make it a great day out. Will book shortly for next year.
Jim McCann Scotland
Been tonight, well worth it fantastic. Kids & adults loved it.
Linda Daly Holmes
Great atmosphere & banter. Would recommend. Thanks for a great show :-)
Kay Williams
Omg just back tnite from our trading Xmas eve to the panto xx Fabulous!! hilarious! '' thanks to all the cast and everyone who made this so wonderful xx always funny mistakes on Xmas eve xx truly magical xx
Andrew Gallacher
1 Bra made to fit 3, 2 fitbaw tops, 3 rubber chickens, 4 smelly socks, 5 LAVVY ROLLS...... Don't remember correct order but there were feather dusters, toilet brushes, pots n pans, Scotland flags.........can't remember the rest .......
Myself and my husband took our 3 grandchildren and we all loved it! Lovely theatre, not a bad seat in the house! We were in row G, first 5 seats in from the centre aisle (so glad the centre aisle was kept during renovations, I hate The Kings for getting rid of theirs), cast were all brilliant, especially Elfie "Elvis has left the building" lol.... 3 year old grandson was amazed when it started "snowing" indoors, defo wanna see this again before it finishes. Thoroughly recommend it ❤️
Awesome panto! Seen it tonight with my 2 children and we all LOVED it!! Favourite song was The 12 Days Of Christmas . Great performance by children want tickets to go again. Well done Xxx
By far the best panto we've been to , not to be missed
Angus McGregor
Great Panto,all the cast wee amazing Lewis age 7 said this was the best ever, we all loved it. Brilliant Christmas atmosphere, lots of laughter and great songs. Thank you all, Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016 xx
panto santa claus is coming to town is amazing, sooo funny, johnny mac is hilarious as is stephen purdon well worht going to see
Arlene Rankin
Great panto this year, great to see dean park back, welcome back dean
Steven a
i thick that johnny mac is funny guy because he is i remeber that in school when he sit down on the cahirs he went up and lady sit down he fell down i bust out laughing merry xmas everyone
rosie O
At matinee yesterday. Never stopped laughing. Been feeling a bit under the weather but this was the tonic I needed. Real feelgood factor. Good audience participation. Merry christmas to everybody involved in this brilliant panto.
catherine steele
We had a brilliant time today I haven't laughed so much in ages the cast were amazing merry Xmas everyone
Lorna martin
Was there tonight. Believe me you'll love it. Fantastic show.
Stewart Robertson
I went to a few of them have really enjoyed them throughout haven t let me down yet and never wil atmosphere is brilliant and the cast are alway amazing every year especially Steven purdon keep him in the panto every year please thankyou
Suzanne Ingles
Each And Every Single One Of Those Characters All Did Very Well!,World's Best Play/Pantomine I Have Ever Seen In My Whole Entire Life.
Ben MacFarlane
Just been to see panto another great show cast and crew wer marvellous , welcome back dean uv been missed but we wer enjoyin ourselfs just the same , cant wait till next time lv u all ca xx
Catherine Anderson
It was amazingly funny. Finally got me in the Christmas spirit. We waited outside and got pictures with Leah Steven Nicola and Johnny. Only problem is we can't remember the sequence or items in 12days of Christmas. Can anyone help please. Xxx
Bring it on!! We are booked for 3/12 perfect way to spent son Leo's birthday.
Fantastic show! Well done to all the cast and dancers, laughed so much and enjoyed all the christmas songs! If you haven`t got your tickets them now!
Maggie Ferguson
Brilliant pantomime again from the PAVILLION, my 2 kids loved it so much they were acting parts out this morning!! Big well done again!! Can't wait until next years now already!
Lynne Wright
THis was a really good panto this year I would recommend going and seeing this panto, its the best panto you should go and watch it PS you will love all of the songs this year
David Weir
THis was a really good Panto this year I would recommend it ps I am not spoiling it
David Weir
The best Panto I have seen for a while. So much exuberance and hard work from all the cast, deserves an Oscar.
Welcome back Dean Park, the Panto hasn't been the same without you!!! Gary Lamont fantastic Dame..& a fantastic cast this are all fab,,, Sooooooo looking forward to it!!
Wee Ann
Spoilt for choice this year .....big ,Mmmmm
John Paul Mcclintock
I have got my tickets for the 10th December woohoo!!!
Anne Boyle
If i was you i'd get your tickets ordered as early as possible. Hope this helps. ☺
May Hobden
Ticket booked for the last Saturday of the panto, can't wait.
May Hobden
Need 8 tickets for dec 4 when do I orderthem
Irene Bowie
Tickets booked for hubby, myself and kids can't wait the show sounds great!!
Nikki Graham
We are coming again this year on Hogmany, cannae wait! the best way to see out the auld year!
We can't wait to come and join in the fun on the 21st Decemebr at 1.30.
Graham Mackie
Looks great this year!
Lee Slater
i will def take kids to this go every year cast is fab dean park is back and Johnny Mac and shell suit Bob and few others sounds fab x
Lyn Stewart
Desperate to no whos in it pleeeease...............
Norma Smith Hunter
defo taking the bairns 2 this woohoo !!!
Margo Tolley

Comments for last year's panto:

Went along to panto with my Wife,children and Grand children 12 of us in total.Must say I was wasn't disappointed absolutely great day out the show was traffic and Johnny Mac is a star,well done to the cast for a tremendous show and thanks to the staff at the Pavilion for all there help on the day,not forgetting the Orchestra Well done the Pavilion we will be back next year for the 3 year running.
Richard O' malley
Absolutely amazing what a performance. Cast and vrew should be so proud. Well done everyone. See you next year. Xxxx
Amanda Ross
We seen the show tonight really glad we went laughed from start till finish have to say it was the best yet evie enjoyed it so much she wants to go back for last performance tomorrow big applause to all the cast and dancers xxxxx
angela biggart
Went to the show tonight, not saw a Panto in years but IT WAS GREAT! Well done to all the cast for putting their all into one of the last performances, you would have thought it was their first, there was so much energy! Loved the costumes and singing and dancing! "We Enjoyed Wurselfs"! And will be back for the next one!
Brilliant as always keep up the great work. X
Margaret Stewart
Treasure Island was another great panto production from The Pavilion Theatre, well done the cast & the back stage crew and Ian Gordon - great to see Cat Harvey back but I thought Dean Park was missed.
Clare Menary
Well, after writing comment l decided to phone the Theatre again and l spoke to a VERY HELPFUL LISA who has offered us to attend tonights performance, saying there were many people who couldnt make it last night! THANK YOU! NOW THATS GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE,looking forward to the show!!!
I agree
Seen it last night with family sooooooooo so funny Johnny Mac was amazing well played do u know what the dance company was called at the show because they were amazing
Was there 4th in afternoon was fantastic n my mum was there yesterday she felt same well done n thank u
Rob Thomson
Ty for all your time talking to her outside ty
Linda Drummond
What can I say but best one yet fab u Luss WE ENJOYED OURSELFS leya had a fab b day thanks to you all then she had few pics outside ty for all your toms same time next year well done the cast
Linda Drummond
Absolutely fantastic..... Sooooooooo funny, eventful, loving every second.
Alison Murphy
Took my 4 year old to see treasure Island, he wasn't too fussed but I was in tears laughing through the whole thing! Great cast, peck the parrot and Stephen purdon played off each other brilliantly! No laughed that much in years
David kane
William Mcalpine
I just love this theatre especially panto time, i went on new years eve with my mum & my 2 daughters who are 4 & 6 they loved it, everyone was fab, loved all the mistakes especially when Johnny slipped! Gary Lamont was fab as Mrs Birdseye, & the costumes are getting better every year!!! Can't wait til next year!!
Sharon Naismith
We were at the panto last night, my sister,me and 2 kids,what a night, it was so funny, Johnny Mac so funny, had us crying worth laughter. We come every year on the 2nd Jan as this is best panto in town.well done. Xx
Shelley Byrne.
I have not been to a panto in years but this is great family fun . Our 5 year old son loved the parrot ...Johnny Mac your are FABULOUS !! cat and Michelle loved you too . In fact all the cast were great .
Lynn Armour
Have not been to see a pant in a number of years now realise what has been missing ...went with daughter and granddaughter .....GREAT ...FUNNY... loved Pec the parrot ...who's a PRETTY BOY ...and the STUPENDOUS ...ULTRA GLAMEROUS MRS BIRDSEYE.....
Annette Geddes
Seen the panto today, absolutely fantastic. Gary Lamont well done as Mrs Birdseye, soooooooo funny. As ever Johnny Mac, what can I say, apart from 'a enjoyed maself'!!!!!! You are just soooooooo funny. Well done to everyone another great Panto xx Susan Corrigan
Susan Corrigan
My first ever pantomime (I'm over from Australia) and I dragged my whole family along, and it was absolutely hilarious, even Grandad was grinning! An absolutely brilliant panto for the entire family. "Pass the sugar, sugar" "Pass the beef you mad cow!" Brilliant comedy, I recommend to all who are up for a great show and loads of laughs.
Lauren Hewett
The best Panto in town. Loved the 'Dame' well done, hope to see him/her! In future. Something for everyone, from ' Frozen' with Michelle singing, to the cast of 'Rivercity' doing their stuff. Loved energetic dancing. 'Peck the parrot' whose a pretty boy!!!! My granddaughter repeats this phrase - CONSTANTLY - 'you are woo! Hoo!' I don't really mind, cause ' I'm enjoying myself. Well done all!!!! Can't wait till next feel good panto. Thanks
Ellen MacDonald
Was at the panto on the 27th dec took my niece elle age 6 my nephew robbie age 10 my daughter and myself we all had a great time well done to all who took part ele loved peck the parrot
Frances Dickie
This has to be the best Pantomime ever, Johnny Mac should have his own show, absolutely brilliant. Holly Jack a great wee singer, Michelle, Cat, Stephen, Gary, James, Leah, Clark and Douglas were all fantastic. First time I have been crying with laughter it was so funny. What a great way to start the Christmas festivities. Will be booking next year as soon as tickets go on sale. Well done Pavilion best Theatre and Theatre staff in Scotland.
Jim McCann
OMG what a show !! I'd never heard of johnny Mac before what a performance ??? Amazing was crying with laughter !!me and my 12 year old son !! Best money I've ever spent !! Michelle McManus AMAZING BRILL ,,WHEN she SANG LET IT GO FROZEN ,,,ME AND MY SON LOOKED AT EACH OTHER SAID OMG. AMAZING ,!!! ONCE AGAIN BRILL NITE ALL THE STAFF LOVLEY ,,,PAVIILLION BESTEST EVER
Amanda Webster
Panto was amazing today - well done to all the cast and staff at the pavilion!!
Sharon russell
I was ther las nigh it was so good las nighi that was the last sow
Kaitlin Nutt
It was so good that so end that I was with. My gran Betty chrch las night I see it
Kaitlin nutt
I was at the Pavilion today with my 6 year old granddaughter Aimee we really enjoyed this years panto Aimee thought it was cool that gran got to hold the treasure map of Mrs Birds Eye. The jokes were really funny we couldn't stop laughing even Michelle McManus and Cat Harvey were crying with laughter at the antics of Johnny Mac what talent, Stephen Purdon always puts on a good show so funny. Well done to all of the cast roll on next year, wee Aimee wants to know what the theme will be next time.
Seen this tonight with my 2 kids was absolutely brilliant, really funny xx
Kirsty rogers
First pantomime i have been to and first for my 3 children. I will be definitely booking again next year, well done all involved.
maria Speirs
I agree
the theatre ,sets /staging and most of all Johnny Mac were the stars .[great show!]
we came through from Edinburgh to see this panto,I`ve never laughed so much in my life it was hilarious,the Dame was really funny too,we are going to return after the Xmas hoilidays to see it again
Terry fae Embra
What a fantastic family show, first class entertainment, tears of laughter, the young kids are fantastic dancers, Jim, Claire & Ross
Jim Wilson
Fantastic fun show. Annual event for all the family- you will love it !! " AM ENJOYING MASEL "
Willie Beaton
Loved the panto johnny mac was fab n so was rest of the cast never have I laughed so much roll on next year xx
Annette Clemenson
Once again Pavilion, a truly fantastic show and a wonderful night out with the family . Best Panto in town!!!
Laura Lochhead
Saw Treasure Island last night 10.12.14. Was brilliant. Gary Lamont was fabulous as Mrs Birdseye. I go to the Pavilion panto every year and hope to see him in more pantos, Well done Gary. X
Jean Russell-Wilson
Saw the show last night, loads of laughs and Johnny Mac surpassed himself again, I enjoyed myself
Anne Boyle
Went to see Treasure Island tonight. Hilarious and great interaction. We all had great time, kids 5, 8, 10 thoroughly enjoyed it. Haven't laughed so much in ages. Definately recommend, and we will be going again. :)
Louise Gallacher
went to panto this afternoon and it was great! The parrot was fab and so funny. Michelle still has a great voice and enjoyed her singing in the panto. Fabulous must go and see it.
went to pay to this afternoon and it was great! The parrot was fab and so funny. Michelle still has a great voice and enjoyed her singing in the pants. Fabulous must go and see it.
Went to the panto last night with kids and nieces and nephews I have been last 10 years to pav bit of a family tradition at Christmas Treasure island was great ,Johnny mac was the kids favourite Why no dean park this year?
great night great show and Johnny Mac was soooo good we were all enjoying ourselves
lily paterson
brilliant time at the panto johnny mac pure brilliant hiya pal im pure enjoying maself lol x
Isobel Mclaughlin
Saw the show last night, lots of laughs, Johnny Mac made it for me tho, he's hilarious , I enjoyed maself :))
Zoe O'Donnell
Pavilion Pantos are always good nomatter who's in them :-)
Elaine Mclean
Seen the show on Saturday night, first time at a Glasgow Panto being from the East! Absolutely amazing, all the cast were great, will definitely be back next year! LOVED all the River City cast members! A must see!
Erin Greene
Stephen Purdon was great last year, glad he,s on again this year
Chrissie Hendrie
So glad johnny mac back this year he's so funny
Gerald Mindham
is dean park appearing in the panto he is so funny
Alasdair Adam
Will shebhan be in the panto this year
Stephen blyth
Any sign of dean park or a special celebrity doing it this year like Jim davidson
Alex Cuthbertson
Any sign of Christian" gong back in to the panto?
Hellen Topping

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A truly Magical story with a Real Christmas feel-good factor!